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Acid Waste Gas Treatment Equipment
Principle: solid filler special reaction tower packing, packing inside the compound multi medium catalyst. When the odor gas passes through the filler layer, and the liquid phase composite oxidant is fully exposed to the surface of the solid phase, and the pollution factors of the odor gas are decomposed by the catalytic action of the catalyst. Scope of application: wide range, especially for dealing with large volume, high concentration of waste gas, the hydrophobic pollutants have a good removal rate. Advantages: small area, low investment, low operation cost; management is convenient, that is, the use of. Disadvantages: impact load, not easy to pollutant concentration and temperature change, the need to consume a certain amount of medicine.
 1.The classification:
The classification of fiber glass purification tower : Wet Exhaust Gas Cleaning and Dry Exhaust Gas Scrubber.Wet Exhaust Gas Cleaning divided into : packed tower, scrubber tower, desulfurizing tower,Swirl plate tower ,bubble cap tower,stripping tower,absorbing tower; Dry Exhaust Gas Scrubber divided into: activated carbon adsorption tower ,SDG dry acid waste gas adsorption tower . It apply to dispose harmful gas: sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), hydrogen chloride (HCL) gas and hydrogen fluoride (HF) gas, chromium acid (CrO3), hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), nitrogen oxide (NOx), organic acid, benzene e,etc. The adopted way is different according to different waste gas.It is more better that using dry adsorption way for organic waste gas, and using wet purification or wet+dry adsorption way for Inorganic acid .
2.Introduction of two main type
A) Dry Exhaust Gas Scrubber:Dry scrubber use a catalyst to remove toxic components by chemisorption or adsorption to their surface. The required contact time is very short and does not depend on the inlet concentration. When most of the material has reacted, the cartridge with the catalyst has to be exchanged. This abatement method can be used for almost all processes used in the microelectronic industry. It does not require power, gases, or water for the gas cleaning. However, it requires maintenance. The catalyst has to exchanged regularly and the waste material has to be disposed. Adsorber material mixed with some color agent or indicator is used to indicate in a special window, when 90% of the catalyst has been used and the material needs to be exchanged. It is possible to install an automatic alarm based on an electronic color sensor.
B) Wet Exhaust Gas Cleaning:A wet scrubber is a simple method to clean exhaust air or exhaust gas and remove toxic or smelling compounds. In the flue gas scrubber, the gas gets in close contact with fine water drops in a co-current or counter current flow. This method is more effective when the water drop size gets smaller and the total surface between water or washing fluid and the gas gets larger. The water or washing fluid is recirculated normally in order to save water and reduce the amount of waste water.

 Acid gas: sulfuric acid, HLC, nitric acid, HF etc.
 Alkali gas: NAOH, KOH, NHS etc.
 Organic gas: benzenes, alcohols, phenols.
 We used different absorption solvent for dealing with different harmful gas.
1. This purification tower should be installed on anti corrosion basis which is higher 100mm than ground. Pump with acid resistance should be on another anti corrosion basis.
 2. This equipment should be installed indoor, in order to prevent cold weather from effecting on equipment and absorption solvent.
 3. If there is no PH controlling system, PH of acid or alkali solvent should be checked regularly, and consistency should be adjusted at any time.
 4. Spray-head and filling material should be checked regularly, in order to avoid plugging, any problems should be solved immediately.
5.Technical parameter:

Air flow Relative pump Relative fan Quantity of solvent 
Weight of column body 
and total absorption solvent

m3/h Pump  Motor  Fan  Motor  KG KG
kw kw
1 2000-2600 40FSB-15L 2.2 4-72 5A 1.2 840 1280
2 5000-6000 40FSB-20L 3 4-72 5A 2.2 1820 2420
3 8000-10000 50FSB-25L 4 4-72 6A 4 3200 3900
4 14000-15000 65FSB-32L 5.5 4-72 6C 7.5 4200 5000
5 18000-20000 80FSB-20L 5.5 4-72 7C 11 5400 6400
6 24000-26000 100FSB-32L 5.5 4-72 8C 15 6600 7800
7 30000-35000 100FSB-32 15 4-72 10C 18.5 7200 8200
8 40000-45000 1000FSB-32 15 4-72 10C 30 8100 12000
9 50000-60000 1000FSB-32 15 4-72 12C 37 10048 15000